Privacy Terms

Privacy Terms

1. Copyright Notice
This website is established and maintained by Macao Science Center Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Science Center). All editorial contents (including text, images, audio, video, etc.) in this website are in the possession of the Science Center, and are subject to the protection of relevant legislation of Macao Special Administrative Region, China, and international treaties on copyright. Provisions in this copyright notice can be amended at any time, and the modified text shall replace the older version. Upon the release of a modified version, any use of this website, including browsing, downloading, submission of information, copying and re-publishing, linkage to this website is subject to the specification of the revised version.    

2. Disclaimer
The Science Center has made every effort to ensure the contents of this website accurate, but it does not bear any legal responsibility for any content of this website. All information are as provided. The Science Center also reserves the right to delete, remove, upload or edit any information on this website without prior notice. The Science Center will indicate the date of revision but will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of information in this website.    

3. External Link
As this website may provide linkage to external sites, the contents of such sites are established and maintained by external parties. This website merely provides these links to its users as an additional service. When transferring to external sites through these links, a user leaves this website and is no longer subject to the Terms of Use of this website. The Terms of use and privacy of the external sites may differ from this website, therefore we recommend you to read the relevant provisions of individual sites first, this website shall not bear any responsibility for any consequence resulted from the use of the external websites.  

4. Re-publishing, Reproducing, and Quoting through a Web Link
Contents of this website, except those belong to a third party, can be copied, redistributed or linked for non-commercial purposes, without the requirement of a written consent from the Science Center, but the content should be denoted as provided by the Science Center together with the date the content was obtained; and the accuracy of the copy shall be ensured. The copied content does not represent an official version of the information, it shall not be considered a recognised document of the Science Center. Individuals and/or agencies are prohibited to use this website or any of its contents for any form of commercial purpose without written authorisation from the Science Center. Whether commercial or non-commercial reproduction, unless authorised by the Science Center, no change to the content shall be made.    

5. Handling of Non-Personal Data
User’s IP address and the date and time of access will automatically be recorded when a user browses the website, collection of such technical information will only be used for internal records, and will not be used for user tracking or for disclosure to the public, unless hostile attack from a user is observed. Upon usage of the services in this website, the client software may use "cookies" technology to record preferences of the users, the purpose is mainly to run the service according to the user's habit in return usage. If the detection of "cookies" is activated in your browser, you are likely to receive a warning message each time when "cookies" is used to record the user's usage.    

6. Handling of Personal Data
Personal information may be required for access to part of the services in this website and the data collection occurs according to the need of certain services. As the coordinating and maintaining institution, the Science Center will ensure that concerned legislation and personal data protection laws of Macao Special Administrative Region, China are abided by its staff when processing the relevant information.  

7. Agreement to the Terms of Use of this website
You agree to accept on the use and privacy terms upon using any service of this website.