Planetarium Plan

    Planetarium Plan

    The Planetarium, with its gorgeous 8K dome projection effects and sound system, is also an excellent multi-purpose and multi-media art performance venue, providing audiences with extraordinary artistic feasts and achieving high-quality communication effects.


    The "Planetarium Plan" is a branding initiative of MSC Planetarium to share quality and professional resources and provide personalized and customized astronomy planning for organizations, including but not limited to the following comprehensive services of the Planetarium:


      ○  Lectures: Special Seminars | Teaching Courses | Workshops

      ○  Observation: Basic Astronomical Observation | Astronomical Photography Instruction | Telescope Operation

      ○  Music: Concerts | Recitals

      ○  Vision: Visual Effect Demonstration | Video Art Exhibition | Digital Multimedia Work Exhibition

      ○  Competition: Knowledge Quiz Competition

      ○  Performance: Dome Multimedia Launch Event


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