About MSC

    About MSC


    Macao Science Center aims to promote science popularization and education among local adolescents, it establishes a new landmark to complement tourism development in Macao, as well as to provide a regional platform for science education, convention and exhibition, it also facilitates the spread of novel technologies and science communication.


    In March and May 2022, Macao Science Center was selected by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) as one of the "National Science Popularization and Education Base" and "National Scientist Spirit Education Base", which fully demonstrates the support and recognition of the State for Macao's efforts in science popularization and education, as well as scientist spirit education. At the end of December of the same year, the Center was approved to join the China Science and Technology Culture Venue Union, which is conducive to integrating with the national development and promoting the integration and innovative development of science and technology culture.


    With a gross floor area of 20,000 square metres, MSC consists of the Exhibition Center, the Planetarium and the Convention Center. The Exhibition Center, in the shape of an inclined cone, is the tallest building that contains 14 galleries arranged in an upward spiral. The dome-shaped Planetarium is flanked by the fan-shaped Convention Center and office building. Supporting facilities include a gift shop, restaurants and a nursery room, providing visitors with a full range of services.


    The 5,800-square metres Exhibition Center plus its atrium accommodates 13 permanent galleries. The galleries cover topics in Astronomical Science, Fun Science, Children Science, Nautical Science, Biodiversity, Smart Technology, Acoustics, Physics Mechanics, Chinese Scientist Spirit ,Sustainable Development, Data Science, and Electrics and Electromagnetics Gallery. There is one more gallery reserved for special exhibitions. The exhibitions seek to provide knowledge-oriented, scientific and interesting interactive exhibits, and allow visitors to explore science in a hands-on way.


    The Center has a mechanical workshop available for educational group bookings. Students who are interested in learning the fundamentals of robotics and robotics design may create their own robotics there. Training will also be provided to subject teachers in order to raise the professional and technical qualifications of both students and teachers.


    Awarded the highest resolution 3D planetarium by the Guinness World Records, the Planetarium has a dome-shaped tilted screen of 15.24 metres in diameter. The world’s first digital dome theatre system that can project stereoscopic images with resolution up to 8000 × 8000 pixels. The system consists of 6 ultra high resolution 4K Pure Laser projectors and 12 powerful graphic computers in synchronization producing super high definition 3D images.  The Planetarium having 127 seats and 4 wheelchair spaces are all equipped with interactive controls. Wearing specially made glasses, the audience can see 3D images projected onto the screen. Its powerful database, coupled with an amazing array of projection effects, can take audiences onto a journey travelling freely in space and time. The system can also show digital dome films, making the Planetarium a multi-functional dome theatre.


    The Convention Center consists of a multi-functional Convention Hall and 4 Meeting Rooms. Two of the Meeting Rooms may be combined into one if needed. The Convention Hall can accommodate  500 people for meetings and about 240 for ballroom events. The Convention Center is equipped with professional audio-visual facilities, simultaneous interpretation system, and video conferencing equipment, making it ideal for different kinds of meetings, lectures, seminars and award presentation ceremonies.