Meeting Room (140 people at the maximum)

    Meeting Room (140 people at the maximum)

    Convention Center > Meeting Room 1, 2, 3, and 4

    72㎡/room, meeting rooms 3 and 4 can be connected, with an area of 145㎡ and a maximum capacity of 140 people

    The convention and exhibition venues include the "Convention Center" and the "Heart-shaped Tree Square". The Convention Center consists of a multi-functional "Convention Center", four "Meeting Rooms" and an "Exhibition Gallery of the Convention Center". Since its operation in 2010, it has more than 10 years of experience in the coordination of exhibition venues and audio and video, and has successfully coordinated more than 6,000 events by 2023.

    Various events successfully held in the "Meeting Room" include training, competitions, seminars, award ceremonies, symposiums, lectures, meetings, examinations, workshops, presentations, consultation sessions, recruitment sessions, exhibitions, explanation sessions, annual meetings, press conferences, sharing sessions, musical performances, theatrical performances, recognition ceremonies, inauguration ceremonies, unveiling ceremonies, and signing ceremonies.


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    Plan of Meeting Rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4



    A comprehensive upgrade of the audio-visual equipment in the Meeting Room


    Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 are equipped with Belgian Barco G62-W9 Full HD long focal length laser projectors with low attenuation of the laser light source, which enables the output of high brightness, color saturation and contrast. With the use of a 135-inch DIGIVSION ScreenPro HD 4K 16:9 nano soft white screen, the nano-crystalline optical coating is very delicate, gives full play to the advantages of 4K HD picture, and effectively improves the picture contrast, so that the color is still real and delicate in a high brightness environment. 


    Meeting Room 2 is equipped with a Taiden HCS-4100MC full digital conference microphone system and Taiden HCS-3316HDN GT12 FHD intelligent tracking camera, with the American EXTRON TLP PRO 725T soft-touch central control setting. Participants can easily set the meeting mode according to the actual needs of the meeting site.


    The main sound reinforcement system in Meeting Room 3 and 4 is equipped with high-fidelity L16j line array loudspeakers from SAL in Germany and G Sub1201 subwoofers, and two L16js line array column loudspeakers are used for the fills in the back. All speakers are powered by RAM audio amplifiers from Spain. The L16j houses up to 16 3-inch units in a box of 11cm wide. The use of waveguides optimizes the coupling of horizontal coverage and 3-inch full-range units, and acoustic coupling of simple sound sources makes the vertical beam stronger, the projection distance longer, and the sound more evenly distributed.



    It is equipped with an Absen N1.8Plus P1.8mm multi-screen LED display (7m × 2.6m), with a refresh rate of 3,840Hz. Regional online and offline live-streaming activities can be conducted simultaneously here.


    Bosch real-time Interpretation System (up to 3 different language channels)