MSC WebAR

    MSC WebAR Introduction

    MSC WebAR is a user-friendly AR project creation platform developed by the Macao Science Center, primarily designed to provide local teachers and educational scholars with a convenient and fast way to present teaching content in AR format.

    MSC WebAR supports recognizing objects as 2D images, and the displayed items can be 2D images, 3D models, videos, or built-in multiple-choice questions.

    Users do not need to install any special programs. They only need to scan the QR code through their phone camera to experience the content via web browsing. When experiencing the content, the use of the camera function needs to be allowed.

    MSC WebAR creator accounts are now open for application to local teachers and education-related personnel in Macao for experiencing. If needed, please fill out the application form below:

    Instant Experience with MSC WebAR

    1. Use the “Camera” function on your phone to scan the QR code and click the link.
    (Suggested to use the “Camera” app directly. For apps like WeChat, copy the displayed URL and paste it into your browser.)



    2. Tap “Enter” and “Allow” to proceed, then you can enter the scanning interface.

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    3. Try scanning the following images to experience the features of MSC WebAR.

    Displayed Images

    Displayed Multiple-choice Questions

    Displayed 3D Models

    Displayed Videos