Convention Hall (500 people at the maximum)

    Convention Hall (500 people at the maximum)

    Convention Center > Convention Hall

    606㎡, 500 people at the maximum

    The convention and exhibition venues include the "Convention Center" and the "Heart-shaped Tree Square". The Convention Center consists of a multi-functional "Convention Center", four "Meeting Rooms" and an "Exhibition Gallery of the Convention Center". Since its operation in 2010, it has more than 10 years of experience in the coordination of exhibition venues and audio and video, and has successfully coordinated more than 6,000 events by 2023.

    Various events successfully held in the "Convention Hall" include training, competitions, seminars, award ceremonies, symposiums, lectures, meetings, examinations, banquets, receptions, workshops, presentations, consultation sessions, recruitment sessions, exhibitions, explanation sessions, annual meetings, press conferences, sharing sessions, musical performances, theatrical performances, association elections, recognition ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, inauguration ceremonies, launching ceremonies, opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, unveiling ceremonies, and signing ceremonies.

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    Convention Hall Plan



    A comprehensive upgrade of the audio-visual equipment in the Convention Hall


    In 2023, the audio and video system of the Convention Center was fully upgraded. The public address system of the "Convention Hall" is equipped with speakers of SEEBURG acoustic line with its original packaging from Germany and the power amplifier of RAM Audio from Spain to provide strong and stable power output. The left and right main amplifiers are equipped with 7 double 6.5-inch line array Galeo S, with special Galeo S Sub subwoofers, and A6/A4 multi-function full-range speakers are used for the stage monitoring. With the advantages of long projection distance and accurate directivity of Galeo S, the hearing experience of the audience in the back row is greatly improved. Galeo's unique AMR reflectors provide extremely uniform sound field coverage, allowing the audience to enjoy the same best audio-visual feast no matter where they are.


    Three Panasonic AW-UE150 4K PTZ cameras were added to the Convention Hall. The camera has a 1-inch MOS sensor and supports 4K UHD 60p output, with a viewing angle of up to 75.1 degrees. 20× optical zoom and multiple output support can be used together with a 4K video recorder for 4K recording, making them the ideal choice for online meetings.



    The L16j line array column loudspeakers are used for the fills in the back. On the white pillar of the Convention Hall, the curved column speaker L16j is as slender as a willow branch, and its elegant appearance is integrated with the design style of the Hall, creating a perfect integration of acoustics and art, so that the 16 full-range units release high-quality sound.



    The lighting system is equipped with German GLP lighting, which is linked with the sound reinforcement system to create the ultimate audio-visual enjoyment.



    In 2021, the Convention Hall was equipped with a Unilumin Uslim P2.6mm multi-screen LED display (10m × 3.5m) with a refresh rate of 3,840Hz. Regional online and offline live-streaming activities can be conducted simultaneously here.



    Bosch real-time Interpretation System (up to 3 different language channels)