GranPa & Zoe - Mission: Light 3D

    GranPa & Zoe - Mission: Light 3D

    Duration: 28 minutes


    GranPa and Zoe live peacefully on their ranch in the middle of the Australian desert. One day, they notice that the light is fading. It seems that something is masking the sun. GranPa decides to take out his old ship and go to Hubble. The famous space telescope allows them to see that a strange cloud of gas blocks its rays. GranPa guesses who is behind it: Bogbog, his old enemy. GranPa and Zoe decide to save the Earth.

    Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English

    Classification: Group B

    Available on 16th December 2022

    Award: Best Animation Film, International Fulldome Festival “Reflections of the Universe”, Russia, 2021