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MSC Kids World

Located next to the entrance of the Exhibition Center, the “MSC Kids World” is designed with a tropical rainforest theme and divided into two sections: preschooler zone and grade-schooler zone. The preschooler zone is equipped with a small slide, fishing raider game and soft building bricks. The grade-schooler zone is equipped with a three storey-high playing facility, the “Naughty Castle”, containing many fun components like rope nets, tunnels, sand bags, rainbow arch bridge and soft building blocks. Children can enjoy climbing, scrambling and sliding freely while exercising, building self-confidence and cultivating a spirit for adventure.


● Eligibility:

Preschooler Zone: toddlers aged 2-4

Grade-schooler Zone: children aged 5-12


● Admission fee: 

Ticket Types

Admission Fares

Standard TicketsChildren of 2 to 12 years oldMOP 35
Concessionary Tickets for Macao ResidentsWith valid ID card for children of 2 to 12 years oldMOP 10
Special Concessionary TicketsCarer ages 18 or aboveFree

● Opening hours:

Seven sessions per day, closed on Thursdays, open during public holidays. 



1st Session10:00-10:50
2nd Session11:00-11:50
3rd Session12:00-12:50
Cleaning time13:00-14:00


4th Session14:00-14:50
5th Session15:00-15:50
6th Session16:00-16:50
7th Session17:00-17:50

* One adult could accompany not more than 2 children into the venue.

* Visitors are required to wear socks within the Kids Zone. Socks are available for purchase on site.
 Tickets for the first session will be available for purchase at 9:45am.

For details, please refer to the user’s regulations here.

Exhibition Center
The 5,800-square metres Exhibition Center plus its atrium accommodates 13 permanent galleries. The galleries cover topics in Astronomical Science, Fun Science, Children Science, Nautical Science, Biodiversity, Robotics, Acoustics, Physics Mechanics, Chinese Scientist Spirit , Sustainable Development, Data Science, and Electrics and Electromagnetics Gallery. There is one more gallery reserved for special exhibitions. The exhibitions seek to provide knowledge-oriented, scientific and interesting interactive exhibits, and allow visitors to explore science in a hands-on way.
The centerpiece of the Planetarium is a tilted semi-dome screen nearly 15 meters in diameter, supported by high resolution 3D digital projectors. The Planetarium has around 127 seats equipped with interactive controls. Wearing special glasses, the audience can see 3D images projected onto the screen. Its powerful database, coupled with the amazing projection effects, can take viewers on a journey traveling freely into space. The system can also show digital Dome films, thus making the Planetarium a multi-functional Dome theater.

Convention Center
The 700 square meter Convention Center includes a multi-functional convention hall and four small meeting rooms. The multi-functional convention hall is equipped with professional audio visual facilities.
There is an underground car park at the Center for public, and is managed by the Macao Transport Bureau. MOP$3 per hour or less than an hour for light vehicle, and MOP$1 per hour or less than an hour for motorcycle. For the latest news, please refer to the website of the Macao Transport Bureau.




There is a café (Padaria da Guia) and a fast food restaurant (McDonald’s) at the Center


Gift Shop
Located at the Lobby.

Science popularization picture book library
Located at the Lobby. 



The Center provides free electronic lockers at the  lobby for visitors to keep their baggage. If the size of your baggage exceeds 26”, you may bring your baggage to the Ticketing Counter for free storage service. Please note that according to the Center’s Conditions of Storage Service, visitors should keep well their valuables, fragile and perishable items to avoid loss or damage

Disabled friendly facilities
The Center welcomes wheelchair users visit the Center. The main channel and washrooms inside the Center are designed and equipped with facilities to cope with the needs of wheelchair users.



Nursery Room

Located on the left of the admission gates of the
Exhibition Center. 
Nursery_private.png Nursery_baby.png

Visitors can enjoy free internet service by connecting to our “FreeWiFi.MO” service with a standard Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g compatitble equipment.



All-in-one Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

Located at the Lobby.

Smart Machine for Collection of Beverage Containers
Located at the Lobby.

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