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Programs of Online Educational Resource Platform in 2020
ProgramSessionFormTarget audienceContent
Star Stories - Astroobservation & Astrophotography32Livestream   lecturePublicIncludes the basic knowledge of astroobservation, how to use a telescope, astrophotography skills and post-processing skills.
On Astronomy11Online interviews and talksPublicAstronomy experts from Macao, Hong Kong, and Mainland China are invited to the program to share their knowlege on astronomical phenomena, events, stories, history of astronomy, etc.
Astronomy Class32Livestream   coursePrimary   schoolsEasy-to-understand cases are demonstrated to explain general astronomical knowledge,   astronomical stories, and the significance of astronomy to human development.
Your Planetarium and Worldwide Telescope (WWT)32Livestream   coursePublicIncludes the history of planetariums, important planetariums worldwide, and the usage of astronomical software and Worldwide Telescope (WWT). Astronomical software is adopted in the program to spread the astronomical knowledge.
Le Stars17Music and astronomyPublicTrisha, a volunteer of the Macao Science Center Planetarium, sings and plays guitar at each episode while the host explains the relevant astronomical concepts and phenomena based on the song.
8795 Street Interviews7Street interviewsPublicEach episode tends to focus on a sci-tech topic and passers-by are interviewed to share their understanding of the topic, their humor and trendy phrases.
Micro:bit Programming Class18Science coursePublicTo introduce the basic funtion and programming of Micro:bit.
Scratch Programming Class17Science coursePublicTo introduce the basic funtion and programming of Micro:bit.
Weekly Science News32Science newsPublicIncludes the hot science news and latest activities of MSC.
Interview with Macau Outstanding Teenagers2Interviews and talksPublicWinners of the Macau Outstanding Teenagers Award are invited to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives, on the other hand, hoping to send positive thoughts to viewers.
Citizen Scientists12Special lecturesPublicScientific scholars and special groups encourage citizens to participate in the data collection and investigation for scientific research.
Makers Workshop22WorkshopPublicDifferent types of maker toolkits are presented.    Viewers or followers can obtain a set of tools and materials to make their own inventions.
Play with Legos16Science coursePublicScientific knowledge is explained via LEGO®.
FUN Meteorological Knowledge2Short videos on science popularizationPublicAn introduction to weather and meteorology with the assistance of Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG).
Astrophysics6Short videos on science popularizationPublicViewers learn space science that applies the laws of physics through the series of animated bitesize videos MSC has produced with the support of FuseSchool.
Toys & Science6Short videos on science popularizationPublicTo disseminate scientific knowledge with the science toys available in the market.
Buildings, Facilities, and Green Elements of MSC19Introduction to the MSCPublicThis program focuses on the buildings, facilities and green elements of the Macao Science Center (MSC).
Product Unpacking of MSC Gift Shop19Products from the MSC Gift Shop are unpacked and introduced.PublicMSC young volunteers unpacking science toys that are available at the Gift Shop, capturing viewer's attention in a lively and humorous manner.
Science X Arts Workshop20WorkshopPublicIntegrating creative arts-based methods to disseminate scientific knowledge in a fun way.
Science Online (2nd Semester of Grade 5)14Short videos on science popularizationPrimary   schoolsTopics with electricity and environmental protection that go in line with the 5th Grade second semester curriculum.
Science Online (2nd Semester of Grade 6)16Short videos on science popularizationPrimary   schoolsTopics with simple mechanics and scientists that go in line with the 6th Grade second semester curriculum.
Science Online (2nd Semester of Grade 4)19Short videos on science popularizationPrimary   schoolsTopics with animal classification that go in line with the 4th Grade second semester curriculum.
Science demonstration Program16Short videos on science popularizationPublicSimple experiments are conducted to enable the audience to easily understand scientific concepts and principles.
Science Drama20Science dramaPublicInteractive scientific experiments and immersive dramas are integrated to explain scientific principles and knowledge.
Science Treasure Island15Short videos on science popularizationPublicViewers can learn about a variety of free educational software, courses and materials.
Short Video: Made in Macao11Exhibition of Works of Participants of Summer ActivitiesPublic"Be a Science Popularization YouTuber" were launched during the summer activity class 2020, students' clipworks were uploaded online thereafter. With the arragement of different scientific experiments, students are encouraged to explore and promote science through hands-on experience.
Science Picture Books20Picture booksYoung   childrenUsing picture books on animals and the environment to stimulate young children   curiosity on science, environmental protection and natural ecology; to develop an understanding of science concept.
Network Fundamentals and Security Series3Special lecturesPublicNetwork fundamentals and applications knowledge are included to raise the public   awareness on computer security and cybersercuity.
Community Cooking Lab8Short videos on science popularizationPublicThis program focus on cooking techniques and inspire viewer to prepare delicious food with science knowledge.
On Infectious Diseases31Short videos on science popularizationPublicTopics include the mode of transmission, infectious disease principles, prevention and control as well as the worst pandemics in history.
One-minute Cloud Appreciation10Short videos on science popularizationPublicThe award winning photographs of "Story of Clouds" were showcased and thereby used to explain the different cloud formation.
MSC Operation6Introduction to the MSCPublicThe general  frontline services and lesser-known services of the Macao Science Center (MSC).
App Inventor 2 Programming Class10Science coursePublicTo introduce the basic funtion and programming App Inventor 2.
Facility Management18Introduction to the MSCPublicIncludes the content and function of facility management, the importance of facility   management to the whole organization and in the built environment.

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