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2.pngInaugurated on the 19 December 2009, Macao Science Center is the only tourist hotspot featuring science education, conferences and exhibitions in town. It has now become one of most popular landmarks in Macao. Hence, the Center proudly presents a commemorative silver medallion designed in-house and minted by The Singapore Mint. The medallion is made of 999 fine silver. It weighs 50 g with a diameter of 50 mm, and is a limited issue of 1,000 pcs. Both sides of the Medallion are engraved with the unique building design of Macao Science Center, making the Medallion a valuable collector's item.

3.pngDoodling Robot
A creative robot with mechanical and scientific powers. This new futuristic robot can doodle a picture while vibrating and demonstrate energetic spinning powers.
4.pngAnimation Praxinoscope
Rebuild one of the world's first animation toys, first invented over 170 years ago. You'll learn the optic principles that resulted in the theoretical backbone of modern animation and movies.

5.pngElectric Dragster
Catch it if you can! Develop your creative mind as you build this electric dragster with massive CD wheels. Re-use everyday parts in fun and exciting ways
6.pngFlying Science
Build fun flying toys and learn the science principles behind each toy. Each kit makes 9 flying projects. You can build an airfoil model which demonstrates the basic theory of flying or construct a kite or a parachute for fun.

7.pngIllusion Science
You won't believe your eyes with the classic illusion trick cards! There are over 20 fun optic activities packed in a neat hand carry pouch bag. Experience the swirling illusions produced by the illusion spinner, view and create 3D pictures.
8.pngMagnet Science
Contains a super magnet set that could be transformed to perform 10 fun experiments and games. Make a super power horse shoe magnet or a magnet wand. Construct a super magnet racer, a yacht compass or a mysterious dangler. You can learn about the properties of magnets and have great fun.

9.pngPinhole Camera
The most unusual photo-taking device. No lens and no digital transmission. Explore how a tiny pin hole refracts and captures light rays to produce real photos.
10.pngPressed Flower Art
Collect flowers and leaves from backyard. Press them and turn them to pieces of art. Includes instructions and materials for making trinket box, greeting cards and bookmarks.









Green Science Series
The Green Science Series aim at nurturing children’s interest in environmental science. The product themes are based on the concepts of renewable energy, science experiment and waste recycling.
Aluminium Alloy Building Blocks with a Million Possibilities
These building blocks are made with durable and eco-friendly aluminium alloy. Each building block set can be put together into at least 20 different combinations. Changing the positions of the blocks and the joints in between are so easy that these building blocks are ideal in stimulating children’s creativity and imagination. In addition, these building blocks can help children develop good hand-eye coordination besides their concentration.
The Scientists Mug Collection
The mug collection introduces 4 famous scientists, namely, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Christian Goldbach and Charles Darwin. Each mug features the cartoon portrait and hand writings of one of the 4 scientists. After visiting the Science Express Gallery and learning about the scientists’ life stories and achievements, visit the Gift Shop and take one of these mugs with you. Thus, every time you drink from the mug you will remember the great scientific contributions of your favourite scientist!
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