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2020年01月23日 星期四 
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Noite Estrelada 2020




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Jan. 5

?Who is an Astronomer

Sirius Lei, MAS

Jan. 11

Experimenta Germany, its Science Dome and the history of planetariums

Johan Gysenbergs, Germany

Jan. 18

Starry Night at Hac Sa Long Chao Kok

Planetarium, MSC

Feb. 1

Starry Travel in Guangdong Province

Terry Liang,


Mar. 7

Windows Connected to the Universe: Planetariums All over the World

Guo Xia, BJP

Apr. 11

Starry Night Symposium: Spring & Summer

Lei Chi Fei, MAS

Apr. 18

The Twenty-Four Solar Terms

Yue Wai Chun,


May. 2

All about the Moon

Kwok C. PAU, AstroLink

May. 16

Black Holes and Gravitational Wave

Hsiang-Yi Yang,


Jun. 6

The Sky under the Camera

Huey Pang, AstroLink

Jun. 13




Jun. 21

Observation of Partial Solar Eclipse

Planetarium, MSC

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Jul. 4Planetarium’s Secret

Planetarium, MSC

Jul. 18Starry Night ConcertMAS

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Aug. 29Clouds Up

Clarence Fong, MMS

Sept. 5The Other Side of the Globe: South American SkyMichael Tam, Hong Kong
Sept. 19

Mars GO!

Bartholomew Tsang, HKNEAC

Oct. 1Mid-Autumn × the Moon × Fireworks

Planetarium, MSC

Oct. 17Introduction to Shaw Prize of Astronomy 2020

Sirius Lei, MAS

Nov. 7Astronomy ABC
Lydia Lung, AstroLink
Nov. 2160 Years of Human Space ExplorationKenneith Hui, HKNEAC
Dec. 5Starry Night Symposium: Autumn & WinterLei Chi Fei, MAS
Dec. 21When Saturn Meets JupiterMAS
Dec. 26The Strange Worlds of Our Solar System and BeyondTania Marques, ROG, UK

MSC - Macao Science Center

BJP - Beijing Planetarium

MAS - Macao Astronomical Society

MMS - Macao Meteorological Society

HKAS - Hong Kong Astronomical Society

HKNEAC - Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre

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