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INVENTION Exhibition

Inventions were made to help solve problems and to improve our lives since the beginning of time. From paper invented by Cai Lun, incandescent electric light bulb by Thomas Edison to cell phone by Martin Cooper, all of these inventions have made our daily lives more comfortable and easier. Thanks to their creativity and relentless effort to improve existing products, inventors have made great contributions to the civilization of mankind. But do you know the scientific principles and the concepts behind every new invention? Now, you are invited to join the “Invention Explorers” and follow Captain Novo, Pod and Dot to the time tunnel for a journey of exploration in the inventions between East and West in history.

“Invention Exhibition” How Inventions are Made? is organized by Macao Science Center, and co-organized by Macao Innovation & Invention Association. The Exhibition consists of 2 parts, “Innovative Invention Thinking” and “Daily Commodity Invention”. Apart from introducing the “40 Principles from Inventors”, there are a number of daily commodities made exhibits for the public to get to know more about the innovative concepts, and scientific principles behind these inventions. By breaking through the maze and operating the interactive exhibits and models, visitors will be inspired by the interesting inventions that we use in everyday lives. 


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