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Living Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were vertebrates and are classified as Dinosauria, a subgroup of the Ornithodira. They appeared on earth some 230 million years ago and dominated the planet for over 160 million years. There is still wide debate about the true reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. The general public still has a lot to learn about dinosaur types, their habits, the ecological environment in which they lived, as well as the various roles played by different kinds of dinosaurs throughout the course of the evolution of life. 

 "Living Dinosaurs" is the first special exhibition themed around dinosaurs presented by the Macao Science Center. It is designed and produced by Imagine Exhibitions and Aurea Exhibitions. The exhibit's science advisors include American paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson, Argentinian paleontologists Dr. Sebastian Apesteguia, and Dr. Adrian Giacchino, chairman of the non-profit organization the Azara Foundation, that strives to promote research into Argentinian natural and cultural heritage. 

Exhibition Information: www.msc.org.mo/LivingDinosaurs/

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