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Special Galleries
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    The exhibition Unseen Oceans produced and designed by the American Museum of Natural History will be held at the Atrium and Gallery 2, Exhibition Center, Macau Science Center from March 26, 2021 to September 26, 2021.


    This exhibition features strange creatures from coastal shallows and deep seas, and comprises nine exhibition areas: Fantastic Drifters, Mysterious Creatures, Encountering Giant Creatures, Deep End of the Ocean, Invisible Boundary, Rich Ocean, and Evolution of the Mirror Sea (Waters around Macao). Over 30 exhibits will be displayed. Visitors will tour from the bright surface to the deep end of the ocean and explore the latest marine science. With the help of advanced robots and satellite technology, mysteries of the ocean will be unveiled. Knowledge of marine science will be presented to visitors through a variety of interactive and multimedia methods such as simulated fluorescent marine biological models, 180-degree circular screen, interactive sand of ocean terrain, science theater, virtual diving games and scientific research documentaries, so as to inspire visitors to the importance of marine ecology preservation and sustainable development.


    In addition, in order to introduce the development of seas around Macao and the fishery, a special exhibition area "Evolution of the Mirror Sea" is arranged. Visitors will peer into the changes in the sea areas and routes around Macao as well as the development of fishery. Moreover, underwater robots developed by Macao students and knowledge about large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis will be presented.


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