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2018年10月24日 星期三 
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  • Location:G02

    The “Strange Matter” exhibition brings you into the bizarre world of materials science.

    Materials science is “the study of stuff". The evolution of materials has been the driving force behind our civilization and technology advancement, and is the key to satisfying our everyday needs.

    The “Strange Matter” exhibition features more than 40 interactive exhibits, introducing the structure and properties of materials, the latest developments in materials science, its applications and future trends.

    Exhibition Period: 2018/04/06~2018/10/28


  • Location:G06

    "Power for a Quality Life - The Macao LRT Exhibition" is a knowledge base for you to know more about the Macao LRT system. Through the various themed exhibits, you will be able to know the characteristics and information about the LRT systems, as well as their development all over the world. You can even interact with the exhibits to explore the fun and the scientific knowledge of the LRT system.

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