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2022年08月11日 星期四 
Past Dome Shows
The Little Prince
Duration:30 minutes with Planetarium demonstration

Adpated from the novel "Le Petit Prince " 2D dome show talks about a pilot who tells his audience at the beginning of the story that he cannot find a man in the world who he can talk to and understand him, because adults’ world is too practical. Then the pilot tells us he was forced to land in the Sahara Desert due to plane failure six years ago, and there he met the little prince, the mysterious little prince who came from another planet. The pilot tells the story of the little prince and his rose. Why did the little prince leave his planet? What kind of planet did he visit before arriving on Earth? The pilot describes the little prince's adventures over the six planets, and he and the little prince built up a very precious friendship in the desert. When the little prince had to leave, the pilot was very sad. He missed the time that they spent together, therefore, he wrote this novel for the memorial of little prince.

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