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Past Dome Shows
Remains of the Dinosaurs
Duration:25 minutes

The archaeology and exploration of dinosaurs has been undergoing for a long time already, however, the launching of dinosaurs movies one after another arouses continuous human attention and interest in this topic causing an enduring craze of dinosaurs.


The story is set in a museum in a very quiet night, in the long long history of Earth, when most of the creatures are still sleeping, the only thing that attract us is dinosaurs. Let’s explore together, what is the true features of dinosaurs?


Do they really extinct already?


“Remains of the Dinosaurs”

The latest dinosaurs theme dome show produced by Konica Minolta in 2015, the world-renowned manufacturer of optical and imaging technology equipment.


發行 Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.

Available 1 July 2016

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