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Fight the Epidemic-Thematic Exhibition of Combating with COVID-19 Destruct the epidemic of 21st Century and show respects for heroes fighting against the epidemic

Fight the Epidemic-Thematic Exhibition of Combating with COVID-19

Destruct the epidemic of 21st Century and show respects for heroes fighting against the epidemic


At the end of 2019, a sudden and menacing COVID-19 epidemic hit Wuhan, spreading rapidly in many provinces and cities in the Mainland of China. All people were very terrified for the source of the COVID-19 was not yet clear at that time, its infection was widespread and its morbidity rate was high. In order to protect the health of the 1.4 billion people across the country, countless medical staff rushed to the front line to fight against the epidemic without hesitation. People from all walks of life actively cooperated with and supported the government's prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in various ways. Their concerted efforts to the battle between humans and the epidemic enabled the epidemic to be effectively controlled.


Guided by the China Association for Science and Technology, organized by the China Science and Technology Museum, hosted by the Guangdong Science Center and undertaken by the Macao Science Center, the Fight the Epidemic -Thematic Exhibition of Combating with COVID-19 will be held in Gallery 6 of the Exhibition Center at the Macao Science Center from now until July 4. This is the China's first interactive and experiential exhibition with the theme of the COVID-19, one of the "Together to Fight against the Epidemic and Share the Future -China Association for Science and Technology Anti-epidemic Exhibition National Tour". So far, it has touring exhibitions in many major cities in the Mainland, including Wenzhou, Nanchang and Guangzhou. The layout of the exhibition is in accordance with the design of cabin hospitals which were built in an emergency to ease the tight medical resources when isolation beds were in desperate need at the beginning of epidemic outbreak in China. The exhibition allows visitors to experience the fight against the epidemic with front-line medical staff who stuck to the front line during the time when the epidemic was most serious as if there were really in the cabin hospitals.


The exhibition is divided into four areas: "Attack of the Virus", "Overcoming the Difficulties Together", "Scientific Prevention and Control" and "Warning of the 'Pandemic'". Besides, there are a total of 30 interactive and multimedia exhibits. The exhibition applies exhibition technology such as mechanical digital interactive technology, somatosensory interaction technology and multimedia interaction, combined with an atmosphere with visual impact, to create an immersive experience environment to enable visitors to have a novel interactive exhibition experience. At the same time, the Center adopts a large number of touch-free induction interactive technologies to display the exhibits. All button-type interactive devices are designed to be activated by induction so that visitors only need to hang their hands above the induction buttons for a while to start the devices without touching the buttons, which reduces visitors' non-essential hand contact with the exhibits and ensures the health and safety of the public during the visit.


The special exhibition on the COVID-19 epidemic is rich in content. On the one hand, it introduces in a simple way the basic knowledge about the virus, including: the structure of the virus, the relationship between infectious diseases and wild animals, major public health emergencies in history, the pathogenic mechanism of the COVID-19, how to apply the scientific prevention and technology to protect public health; on the other hand, the exhibition reviews the history of the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic in various places, the moving stories about people from all walks of life, especially the stories of the front-line medical teams from all over the country to support Hubei during the national anti-epidemic period, and shares effective public health knowledge about the prevention and control of the epidemic, including the human body's immune system, the route of virus transmission, vaccines and antibodies, and one of the most powerful tools for epidemic prevention-the structure and function of masks and other related videos. It is expected that the exhibition can inspire visitors to think about how to coexist peacefully with other lives, and raise their awareness of respecting life, cherishing nature and trusting in science.


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April 30, 2021

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