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Unseen Oceans: Taking You to Explore the Mystery of the Deep Sea

The exhibition Unseen Oceans produced and designed by the American Museum of Natural History and scientists from the United Kingdom and the United States will be held at the Atrium and Gallery 2, Exhibition Center, Macao Science Center from today on to September 26, 2021. The exhibition is divided into nine areas, including Fantastic Drifters, Mysterious Creatures, Encountering Giant Creatures, Deep End of the Ocean, Invisible Boundary, Rich Ocean, and Evolution of the Mirror Sea (Waters around Macao). The public can learn about the latest marine research methods and discoveries through interactive and multimedia exhibits, and experience exploring the deep mysteries of the ocean together with scientists using advanced mechanical and satellite technologies.


The opening ceremony of the Unseen Oceans exhibition was held today at 3 p.m. in the atrium of the Center's Exhibition Center. The guests included: Vice President of Macao Science Center Steven Lei, Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager of Oriental International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Wang Haitao, Curator of Cixi Science and Technology Museum, Curator of Macao Science Center Pan Sio and Deputy Curator of Macao Science Center Sylvester Cheong.


Upon entering the exhibition hall of the Unseen Oceans, visitors will be attracted by the and various models of fluorescent fish and plankton at different ocean depths. The venue is equipped with a 180-degree surround projection area to present the original appearance of rare marine creatures such as blue whales, giant squid and manta rays in animation, allowing the audience to feel the colorful schools of fish shuttling around in the wonderful underwater world. Through a variety of virtual interactive experiences, children can act as marine scientists, using microscopes to observe marine microorganisms or simulate driving a submersible between submarine ridges, discovering hidden creatures along the way and experiencing the excitement and fun of deep-sea exploration.


Through interactive games and videos in area of Evolution of the Mirror Sea, the exhibition introduces the evolution of Macao's waters and routes. Using AR and VR technologies, the exhibition takes visitors back in time to a small fishing village in the past and recalls the development of Macao's fishing industry. In this area, there will also have introduction of the causes of large natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis and how to respond to them, as well as the display of a model of an underwater robot designed by Macao students. The Center has prepared educational resources and worksheets for children and youth, and will regularly present science theater, guided drama, parent-child workshops, public lectures by experts in marine conservation and shall arrange a display of the precious skeletal specimens of Chinese white dolphins to promote the knowledge of marine ecological conservation and sustainable development.


In addition, the Planetarium's projection equipment has now been updated with the latest laser projection technology and the latest 3-D glasses, which can bring the audience a clearer, more three-dimensional and more detailed visual enjoyment. From today on, the Planetarium will show the new dome program "Oceans: Our Blue Planet", which takes the audience to experience the icy shores of Antarctica and the tropical waters of coral reefs and underwater forests, and to dive into the depths of the ocean to explore the strange creatures that reside in the dark abyss and possess remarkable survival skills. For more information about the program, please visit our website http://www.msc.org.mo/UnseenOceans or pay attention to the latest announcements on social media.


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