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"2020 Macao Xmas Carnival with B.Duck"

    On the occasion of Christmas, the Macao Science Center (MSC) holds the "2020 Macao Xmas Carnival with B.Duck" from December 24 to 27. The four-day event has attracted over 20,000 citizens and tourists. Some tourists specially attended the event by taking their children along with them, after seeing relevant announcements on the Internet.

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    The MSC has invited the international fashion brand, B.Duck, to join this event. A huge light-up B.Duck with cute Santa look is displayed at the MSC. Plus must-visit sites, such as the Christmas Trees, the Home of Santa Claus, and the Snow World, participants feel as if they are in a Santa Claus amusement park and have a memorable winter holiday! Moreover, multiple game booths as well as performances and workshops for the popularization of science on different themes arranged for each day have enjoyed great popularity among participants and added more fun to their experience. Furthermore, the MSC has integrated arts to the carnival, including children's talent shows, parent-child games, and band performances, to expose children to a joyful and artistic atmosphere.

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    More than 20,000 citizens and tourists have joined the carnival, doubling the estimation. Both participants and booth personnel must wear a facial mask, have the temperature checked, and show a valid Macau Health Code in order to conform to anti-pandemic instructions of the government. Meanwhile, alcohol-based handwash is available at each booth. Participants are required to disinfect their hands before playing the game. The carnival is designated to disseminate scientific knowledge amusingly, while celebrating Christmas with citizens. In addition, it is conducive to deepening the communication of children, youngsters, and parents and their children, MSC Curator Pan Sio said.


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