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"Love—2020 Chinese Character Interactive Exhibition" Kicks Off

The opening ceremony of "Love—2020 Chinese Character Interactive Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibition"), organized by the Chinese Cultural Exchange Association (CCEA) and the Macao Science Center (MSC) and co-organized by the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech), was held at Gallery 02 of the Exhibition Center, the MSC, on December 18. Please refer to the attendance list for the guests present at the event. The Exhibition integrates multiple art forms and employs innovative models, such as interactive multimedia, acousto-optic equipment for interaction, graphic design, product design, theme lectures, and workshops, to expose the public to the beauty of Chinese characters. 42 creators from Macao and Taiwan, falling into 35 groups, have joined this event to exchange their insights into love. The Exhibition is designated to promote the cooperation and exchange in interactive exhibitions and content creation between young creators from Macao and Taiwan and stimulate the cooperation and progress in cultural and creative industries between the two regions.

Chinese characters are the oldest continuously used system of writing in the world that conveys all kinds of information, Mr. Chan Chi Kuan, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition and Executive Director of the CCEA, said. The CCEA joined hands with Professor Huang Ya-Ling from Taiwan to initiate the "Chinese Character Interactive Exhibition" in 2018. The Exhibition gathers creators from Macao and Taiwan to interpret the theme in cross-cutting and thought-provoking ways. The first session, on the theme of "Time Travel", gained recognition from all sectors of society. Thus, the interactive exhibition was confirmed to be held biennially.

Ms. Huang Ya-Ling, the Exhibition curator and professor of Department of Visual Communication Design, YunTech, deemed that characters have been used to transmit a large amount of information, including messages and feelings, since ancient times. The transmission of "love" via characters is of lingering charm. The Exhibition contains three sub-themes. First, "Speak Love Out": Love is expressed orally and in writing. Interesting interaction methods are utilized for oral expression and real-time feedback. Second, "Write with Love": Designers design stamps in line with the existing stamp formats of the Macao Post to send the message of love. And third, "Touched by Love": Touching moments of loving and being loved are recorded through characters. Chinese characters have been a wonderful medium to pass on love. Through the three sub-themes centering on "speaking, writing, and feeling", different meanings of love are transmitted.

This event is sponsored by the Macao Foundation and the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR. Additionally, the Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China, the Macau Electronic Arts Association, Macao Daily News, and San Duo Tang provide media support, while Macau Creative Industry Co., Ltd. (MCI), technical support. The Exhibition will last from December 19, 2020, to February 21, 2021. For details, please visit: www.msc.org.mo, www.ccea.org.mo, or Facebook accounts of the organizers.


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