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MSC representative, Nianji Wu, wins first prize and the title of national Top Ten Science Ambassador in the 2018 National Popular Science Docent Contest

The 2018 National Popular Science Docent Contest was held successfully in the Guangdong Science Center on June 22. This year marked the 5th edition of the event, the largest and most authorative of its kind in China. Nianji Wu, in representation of MSC, got ahead of the crowd of 186 science popularizing cracks from 56 teams, winning the first prize and the title of national Top Ten Science Ambassador. The MSC team, made up by Nianji Wu, Wong Chi Man and Leong Chi Man was also awarded the "Excellent Organization Award", having achieved the best results ever since MSC has been participating.


Themed on "Strengthening the Country and Enriching the People through Science and Technology Innovation", this year's Contest attracted contestants from varied professional sectors, including senior media workers, teachers, medical professionals, members of the People's Liberation Army, public security police officers, firemen, representatives from the Weather and Seismological Bureaus, and science researchers.


This edition was the largest ever in scale and with the most contestants, who had to exert their best efforts to explain abstruse scientific principles or major finds in scientific research in a simple, vivid, everyday language. During the two-day event, contestants' challenges included a presentation of a self-selected topic, a presentation of a random topic, a science and technology general knowledge test, and a Q & A session by jurors.


MSC representative Nianji Wu used a bed sheet as the simile of the universe to explain the basic principle of general relativity to more than 500 spectators. He rolled a ball on the bed sheet to illustrate how the mass of an object can bend spacetime, while also explaining astronomical mysteries such as earth rotation and revolution. Later on he got full marks in the science and technology general knowledge test. In the Q & A session, his calm performance and ready adaptability were highly rewarded by the jurors. In the end, his rich scientific knowledge and wonderful interpretation won him first prize of the National Popular Science Docent Contest and the title of national Top Ten Science Ambassador.


After the event, Nianji Wu said that he was honored to have participated in the national contest, believing that his participation has accrued his hands-on experience in popular science teaching/guiding, and that more importantly, it offered him a chance to exchange ideas with excellent nationwide contestants, besides furthering his public speaking skills.


The 2018 National Popular Science Docent Contest had a strong lineup of expert jurors and the five jurors for the finals included:

Albert Sun-Chi Chan, a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president of the Hong Kong Baptist University;

Shen Xuechu, a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences;

Pan Sio, curator of the Macao Science Center;

Liu Zhenyu, executive vice president of the College of Physics of Chongqing University and an expert of China’s 1000 Talents Plan;

and, You Yun, chief of Exhibition Department of the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum.

Other jurors were the Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Professor Wang Xiaoming; professor of Beijing Institute for Performing Arts and National First Class Actress, Ms. Zhu Yali; Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Zoology Second Class Researcher, Wu Xiaomin; vice president of China Technology News Academy and professor of University of Science and Technology of China, Zhou Jianqiang; Jiangsu Science and Technology Museum deputy director Zeng Chuanning; Chongqing TV’s "Chongqing News Simulcast" anchor Ms. Qiu Lixia; Guangzhou Academy of Agriculture Sciences Second Class Researcher Tan Yaowen; as well as more 15 experts and scholars from all over the country in the field of science communication.

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Nianji Wu (in front) from MSC Planetarium, Wong Chi Man (first, left) from MSC Education Dept, and Leong Chi Man (first, right), a volunteer, representing Macao Science Center in the 2018 National Popular Science Docent Contest.

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Nianji Wu won the first prize of the National Popular Science Docent Contest

and the title of National Top Ten Science Ambassador.

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