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Exhibition Strange Matter uncovers the mystery of materials science

From the ancient bronze to the modern graphene, the evolution of materials has always prompted developments in human civilization, science and technology, helping us meets basic needs in life including clothing, food, housing and transportation. Many daily items or their components, such as automotive windshields, beta-titanium eyeglass frames, and waterproof/breathable garments, are made from advanced composite materials. And the success of high-tech projects like space programs and non-invasive surgery relies on the research and development and application of special properties materials.


Strange Matter, an exhibition decoding the subtle relationship between the functions of many common items and properties of materials while uncovering the mystery of materials science, will be open in the Exhibition Center of Macao Science Center (MSC), at Gallery 2, until October 14. This afternoon, MSC hosts its opening ceremony, officiated by Acting President of MSC, Mr. Tong Chi Kin, Associate Master of Lui Chi Woo College, University of Macau, Prof. Tam Sik Chung, Curator of MSC, Mr. Pan Sio, Deputy Curator of MSC, Mr. Sylvester Cheong and Education and Exhibits Controller, Mr. Oscar Leong.


The event, organized by Macao Science Center, is produced by the Materials Research Society in USA, with exhibits designed and made by the Ontario Science Centre in Canada. The exhibition features more than 40 interactive exhibits, specially: "Smash the Glass," which allows visitors to challenge the strength of super-glass by hitting it with a bowling ball; "Shape Memory Alloys", with a robotic arm manipulated by memory alloy wires putting marbles into a ring to test visitors’ hand-eye coordination; and "Ferrofluids", which let visitors apply a magnetic field to iron dust to form spiky sculptures.


The exhibition also comprises a "demonstration theater" and a "materials testing station", which allow visitors to 'become scientists' and test the properties of different materials, whereby learning the composition and behaviour of various common materials, as well as the latest developments in materials science, besides learning how R&D and application of innovative materials can make our daily life safer and more convenient.


The exhibition will also offer parent-child workshops, guided appreciation of the drama sketch “When the Materials Girl encounters a tricky magician” and popular science lectures both for the young and old, aimed to impart with the public, in various ways, knowledge about materials science. For more details please visit MSC website at www.msc.org.mo.


Last August, typhoon Hato damaged the aluminum cladding of the MSC building. To ensure the public’s safety, MSC asked third parties to conduct inspections and assessments and therefore the building has been covered by green safety nets. In order to facilitate visitors’ access, a covered pedestrian passageway was built, linking the underground car park with the main entrance of the Exhibition Center. Due to lengthy insurance claim procedures, the rather big area to be repaired and its technical constraints, it will take some time to restore the aluminum cladding. Therefore Macao Science Center apologizes for any inconvenience. During the repairs, all exhibitions, activities and conventions will proceed normally at MSC.


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