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Macao Science Center celebrates its Eight Year Anniversary Introducing “MSC Kids World” and new dome show “Asteroid Mission Extreme”

Macao Science Center has prepared multiple events and programmes celebrating its 8th year anniversary.


After optimizing the system for the 3D digital projectors, the Planetarium will be launching on 19th December a brand new show “Asteroid Mission Extreme” for the dome-shaped tilted screen. The programme utilises life-like visual effects and state-of-art computer-generated imagery to vividly present the incredible scientific conception of turning asteroids into stepping stones to go beyond the solar system. Audiences can learn about the arduous journey of astronauts attempting to land on and control the asteroid as well as the possible benefits of this project to mankind.


After three month's renovation and facility improvement, the parent-child interaction zone next to the entrance of the Exhibition Center will be renamed as “MSC Kids World” and is scheduled to reopen on 6th December. The zone is designed with a tropical rainforest theme and divided into two sections: one playground adapted to the physical and mental development needs of toddlers aged 2 to 4 and another for children aged 5 to 12. 


The zone is equipped with a three storey-high playing facility, the “Naughty Castle”, containing many fun components like rope nets, tunnels, sand bags, rainbow arch bridge and soft building blocks. There are also a swoosh double slide and a spiral slide, respectively 7 and 15 meters long. Children can enjoy climbing, scrambling and sliding freely while exercising, building self-confidence and cultivating a spirit for adventure.


The “MSC Kids World” will open everyday, from 10am to 6pm (including public holidays) closing on Thursdays. During the first three months the “MSC Kids World” will be admission free and from 1st March 2018, every child will be charged MOP 10, with one accompanying parent.


The highly popular “Think Brick–Play and Learn with LEGO® Education” programme will be extended to 25th February 2018. In the meantime, MSC will be organising “LEGO Education Robot Competition”, with “WeDo Creative Contest” for Grade 1 to Grade 3 primary school students and “Space Challenge” for Form 1 to Form 3 secondary school students. Registration is open for Macao primary and secondary school students from 24th November to 6th December. For registration form and competition rules, please refer to our website: http://www.msc.org.mo/ThinkBrick/ch/competitions.php.


On the day and the next day of MSC's 8th Anniversary (19th and 20th December) the Exhibition Center will be admission free and also the first 30 Macao residents entering each dome-shaped tilted screen show will not be charged. From 19 December to 4 January the Planetarium will be adding 3 to 4 dome-shaped tilted screen shows from 11am everyday in addition to regular sessions in order to accommodate extra demand in holiday season.


Please refer to MSC website www.msc.org.mo for more details

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List of Shows and Events for the MSC 8th Anniversary Celebration




24th November   to 6th December

“LEGO Education Robot   Competition” registration

6th December

Official   opening of “MSC Kids World”

From 19th December onward

Screening of the new show   “Asteroid Mission Extreme” on the Planetarium   dome-shaped tilted screen

19th to 20th   December

Free admission at   Exhibition Center

Free admission for the 30 first Macao residents for each dome-shaped tilted screen show at Planetarium

19th December   to 4th January

Addition of 3   to 4 shows for the Planetarium dome-shaped tilted screen everyday


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