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  • 3F

    Due to exhibits renewal, the “Sport Health Gallery” G12 and “Sport Challenge Gallery” G13 will be closed from 26th September.

    Sport science is helping top athletes to excel through discovering their internal strength in world class competitions. The gallery provides a glimpse of the current researches in sport science with a semi-basketball court showcasing state-of-the-art motion capture system.

    Exhibition Period: Year 2009-2022

  • 3F

    Due to exhibits renewal, the “Sport Health Gallery” G12 and “Sport Challenge Gallery” G13 will be closed from 26th September.

    Are you ready? “On Your Mark... Get Set...Go!.” You will learn through the exhibits about your personal need in sport activities and your physical strength. Gymnastics is the thematic sport selected for detailed introduction.

    Exhibition Period: Year 2009-2022

  • 3F

    This gallery covers topics in food nutrition, food safety, and the science of cooking. The computers will help analysing your choice of food and compare them with the advices from experts.

    Exhibition Period: Year 2009-2018

  • 1F

    The center piece of this gallery is the Central Station with the train “Science Express” supported by 4 exhibition zones. The train, through interactive exhibits and a multi-purpose performance stage, will bring children to different areas of science meeting the scientists and their discoveries.

  • 2F

    The Earth Gallery depicts the power of the Earth. It introduces the seemingly peaceful but in fact very dynamic Earth that we are living on top. Exhibits will be themed surrounding the key natural phenomena and their characteristics. The exhibits will provide information on how we can increase our chances of survival when facing them.

    Exhibition Period: Year 2010-2016

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