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  • 3F

    This gallery covers topics in food nutrition, food safety, and the science of cooking. The computers will help analysing your choice of food and compare them with the advices from experts.

    Exhibition Period: Year 2009-2018

  • 1F

    The center piece of this gallery is the Central Station with the train “Science Express” supported by 4 exhibition zones. The train, through interactive exhibits and a multi-purpose performance stage, will bring children to different areas of science meeting the scientists and their discoveries.

  • 2F

    The Earth Gallery depicts the power of the Earth. It introduces the seemingly peaceful but in fact very dynamic Earth that we are living on top. Exhibits will be themed surrounding the key natural phenomena and their characteristics. The exhibits will provide information on how we can increase our chances of survival when facing them.

    Exhibition Period: Year 2010-2016

Special Galleries
  • Location:G02

    Featuring over 60 interactive exhibits, short films, guided appreciation of theatre and workshops, the exhibition introduces a rich history of scientific development starting from the 7th century in the region we know today as the Middle East. The exhibition aims to showcase a scientific and cultural legacy that still impacts our lives today and to promote diversity in science and intercultural appreciation.

    Date: 26/4-27/10/2019


  • Location:G02

    Bionics is a cross-disciplinary science, from biology, materials, engineering, medicine, machinery to agriculture are all considered for bionics application. Inspired by the observation and analysis of the natural environment, the ecology and structure of plants and animals, human have applied the wisdom of biological evolution and adaptation to the environment of over 3.8 billion years to innovative technology or product design to provide solutions for various problems faced by society. The exhibition is divided into six areas, introduces biomimetic technology inventions and future developments by showcasing specimens, sculptures, models, multimedia animations and short films of animals and plants.

    Exhibition Period: 2018/12/01~2019/03/31


  • Location:G06

    "Power for a Quality Life - The Macao LRT Exhibition" is a knowledge base for you to know more about the Macao LRT system. Through the various themed exhibits, you will be able to know the characteristics and information about the LRT systems, as well as their development all over the world. You can even interact with the exhibits to explore the fun and the scientific knowledge of the LRT system.

    Exhibition Period: until 2018/12/31

  • Location:G02

    The “Strange Matter” exhibition brings you into the bizarre world of materials science.

    Materials science is “the study of stuff". The evolution of materials has been the driving force behind our civilization and technology advancement, and is the key to satisfying our everyday needs.

    The “Strange Matter” exhibition features more than 40 interactive exhibits, introducing the structure and properties of materials, the latest developments in materials science, its applications and future trends.

    Exhibition Period: 2018/04/06~2018/10/28


  • Location:G02

    To encourage children and youth to put their creativity to work, cultivate scientific thinking, and promote STEAM (i.e.,science, technology, engineering, art, and math) educational concept, Macao Science Center is collaborating with Semia Limited and LEGO® Education to hold the “Think Brick – Play and Learn with LEGO® Education” activity. Participants can enjoy building structures with LEGO® bricks, assembling or programming robots, and feel excited about learning different kinds of science. 


  • Location:G02

    Inventions were made to help solve problems and to improve our lives since the beginning of time. From paper invented by Cai Lun, incandescent electric light bulb by Thomas Edison to cell phone by Martin Cooper, all of these inventions have made our daily lives more comfortable and easier. Thanks to their creativity and relentless effort to improve existing products, inventors have made great contributions to the civilization of mankind. But do you know the scientific principles and the concepts behind every new invention? Now, you are invited to join the “Invention Explorers” and follow Captain Novo, Pod and Dot to the time tunnel for a journey of exploration in the inventions between East and West in history.

    “Invention Exhibition” How Inventions are Made? is organized by Macao Science Center, and co-organized by Macao Innovation & Invention Association. The Exhibition consists of 2 parts, “Innovative Invention Thinking” and “Daily Commodity Invention”. Apart from introducing the “40 Principles from Inventors”, there are a number of daily commodities made exhibits for the public to get to know more about the innovative concepts, and scientific principles behind these inventions. By breaking through the maze and operating the interactive exhibits and models, visitors will be inspired by the interesting inventions that we use in everyday lives. 


  • Location:G02

    Macao Science Center is proud to be the first in Asia to receive the 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition after its premiere in the United Kingdom in late October 2016. The exhibition showcases the finalists and winners of the latest Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition through 100 breathtaking photographs, illustrating the abundance, majesty, and vulnerability of life on Earth.

    Exhibition Period: 21/11/2016~21/02/2017


  • Location:G02

    Dinosaurs were vertebrates and are classified as Dinosauria, a subgroup of the Ornithodira. They appeared on earth some 230 million years ago and dominated the planet for over 160 million years. There is still wide debate about the true reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. The general public still has a lot to learn about dinosaur types, their habits, the ecological environment in which they lived, as well as the various roles played by different kinds of dinosaurs throughout the course of the evolution of life. 

     "Living Dinosaurs" is the first special exhibition themed around dinosaurs presented by the Macao Science Center. It is designed and produced by Imagine Exhibitions and Aurea Exhibitions. The exhibit's science advisors include American paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson, Argentinian paleontologists Dr. Sebastian Apesteguia, and Dr. Adrian Giacchino, chairman of the non-profit organization the Azara Foundation, that strives to promote research into Argentinian natural and cultural heritage. 

    Exhibition Information: www.msc.org.mo/LivingDinosaurs/

  • Location:G02

    The Astronomical Photography Exhibition that is organized by Macao Science Center and the Macau Astronomical Society is currently held at Gallery 2 of the Exhibition Center until 21st February 2016. The organizers hope to raise public interest in astronomy, and to share their experience in astronomical photography with the public while promoting the importance of dark starry skies conservation.


    This is the first joint exhibition on astronomical photography in Macao, showcasing over 100 pieces of astronomical photographs in which 85 of them come from the past photography activities by the Macao Astronomical Society and were published in the “Astronomical Photo Album”. Other photographs are provided by the Planetarium of Macao Science Center. There are also a projection area, workshops and a portable dome theatre for visitors to experience the starry sky at various angles.

  • Location:G02

    Printing is one of the four great inventions of Ancient China. The emergence of this technology made a major contribution to global culture, the dissemination of knowledge and the advance of human civilization.


    Nowadays, we see printing technology integrating the scientific achievements of several fields, such as physics, chemistry, optics, computer science, and electro-mechanics, and the constant innovation in the materials, colours, and special treatments of printing products, in order to satisfy market demands.


    This exhibition “Impressions Printing” presents a wealth of content, includes more than 60 pieces from the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, of which there are several gems from printing art and models of printing equipment. The exhibition also reveals all kinds of special printing craftsmanship, such as lithography, silk-screen printing, gold stamping, UV, embossing, watermarking, etc., the scientific principles behind printing, and the most recent printing technologies.


    Through the first collaboration between our Center, the Government Printing Bureau of Macao SAR, representatives from the Macao printing industry and historians, the story of the development of Macao printing work over more than 400 years, in the confluence of Chinese and Western cultures, will be told through the pieces shown in a second phase of the exhibition, in a section specially dedicated to this theme. 


    Exhibition Highlights

    Early printing techniques and equipment

    Wonder at a number of precious pieces of early Western-style printing, learn about the major stages in the process of making a book: typefounding, typesetting, printing and binding. 

    Interactive games

    In order to provide visitors a personal experience of the joy of printing, an image recognition system and giant movable letters have been specially set up in the exhibition.


    Examples of printing techniques

    Various types of printing techniques are exhibited (for example, the metal gauze and special paper used in watermarking), giving the visitor the opportunity to experience all kinds of special printing results.

    Gems of Macao printing industry

    Several unique pieces from the Macao printing industry will be displayed. We invite everyone to come and discover these treasures! 


      l   Regular guided visits to the exhibition

      l   Public lectures on printing technology

      l   Printing workshops

      l    Q&A game on Macao Science Center’s facebook page

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