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Past Programmes

Planetarium Short-term Dome Show Series

Date: 22/3 - 21/4

Duration: 46 mins

Introduction: Through telling the stories of the three children from New Zealand, Egypt and Japan, “Furusato” introduces the world heritage from these three countires. The film uses the high-precision images provided by the Earth observation satellite “Daichi” to introduce the cultural heritage and natural heritage on Earth.



Date: 18/4 – 18/5

Duration: 46 mins

Introduction: “Rescue” plunges audiences into the hard, but inspiring work of saving lives in the face of a natural disaster. It also introduces a number of people who is working in this sector. “Rescue” is a journey of real-world disaster and emergency response captured with unprecedented scale and impact for the giant screen.



The Ultimate Wave Tahiti
Date: 17/5 – 17/6

Duration: 45 mins

Introduction: “The Ultimate Wave Tahiti” will lead you to explore waves through the eyes of surfers and surf meteorologists, and to experience the thrill of surfing. The film is shot in the world’s most challenging surfing beach “Tahiti”, and shooting the perfect wave-riding silhouette of the ten-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater and Tahitian surfer Raimana Van Bastolater.

The Zula Patrol – Down to Earth

Duration: 30 minutes with Planetarium demonstration

Introduction: Attention! Our planet is being attacked by a huge amount of industrial wastes. The villainous Deliria Delight has been travelling back in time to Earth’s prehistoric past to illegally dump her company’s toxic trash. Let’s travel back to Earth some 4 billion years ago with the Zula Patrol to stop Deliria from destroying our home!

Cocomong A Space Adventure

Duration: 30 minutes with Planetarium demonstration

Introduction: The kid from Titan launches an emergency landing on the freezing ground in order to protect the last Star Gem while the Virus King kidnaps his parents!
Halley needs that help of Cocomong and his friends to rescue his parents and to retrieve the other Star Gems from Virus King. Will they complete their mission succeessfully? Come to the Planetarium and give Halley and Cocomong a hand in this Summer!

Space Junk 3D

Duration: 38 minutes

Introduction: “Space Junk 3D” will lead audiences soar up into space witnessing the explosive space collisions in the increasingly crowded orbits. The film will then bring audiences back to the Earth for the stunning depth of the Meteor Crater, caused by the incredibly powerful and destructive impact of a meteor that come hurtling through space.

Legends of Flight 3D

Duration: 45 mins

Introduction: “Legends of Flight 3D” will show audiences how the new passenger airliners are designed and built. This is the first time ever to feature this originally 3D IMAX® movie in a full-dome environment equipped with ultra-high definition and 3D visual effects, audiences will be able to experience the first public flight of the Airbus A380 and of the lighter Dreamliner 787, the first ever carbon fiber airliner!

Kaluoka’hina – The Enchanted Reef

Duration: 32 mins

Introduction: The story begins with a volcanic catastrophe that breaks the spell of "Kaluoka'hina”, the enchanted reef whose magic protects itself from being discovered by mankind. Shortly after, the tropical reef is threatened by the damage made by an oil tanker. Thus the young sawfish, Jake, and his friend, Shorty, have to go on a mission to restore the magic of their beloved home. The only lead they have is an ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. With no idea how to touch the moon, Jake and Shorty will have numerous intriguing puzzles to solve along their most exciting adventure ever.


Duration: 30 mins

Introduction: “Astronomyths” is a digital planetarium show blending modern astronomy with ancient Greek mythology. It will certainly engage all your family’s attention as the main characters guide you through a journey into the starry sky and take you to an ancient and forgotten world where mythological beings and creatures will teach you to read the night sky constellations. By trying to be heroes audiences will witness some of the most eye-catching and dazzling galactic events. Let the eager and hungry for knowledge grandson captivate you and let yourself go with the wonders that his grandfather will share.

Cosmic Collisions

35 mins

Introduction: "Cosmic Collisions" launches visitors on a thrilling trip through space and time to explore cosmic collisions. These dramatic and explosive encounters that shaped our solar system and continue to transform our galaxy ultimately changed the course of life on Earth.





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