In 1997, biologist Janine Benyus combined the meaning of sustainable living and biomimetic technology and proposed the term "Biomimicry" for the first time. "Bio" means "life" in Greek, and "mimesis" means "imitation."

Biomimicry is a cross-disciplinary science, from biology, materials, engineering, medicine, mechanics to agriculture are all considered for bionics application. Inspired by the observation and analysis of the natural environment, the ecology and structure of plants and animals, humans have applied the wisdom of biological evolution and adaptation to the environment of over 3.8 billion years to innovative technology or product design to provide solutions for various problems faced by society.

The exhibition is divided into six thematic sections. It introduces biomimetic technology inventions and future developments by showcasing specimens of plants, animals and the endangered species, sculptures, models, multimedia animations and short films of animals and plants. Besides, there are four “Tinkering Workshops” where visitors can let their creativity run wild and experience the fun of bionic technology design with just a few simple tools and materials under little guidance.

Floor Plan